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Football Leaks | Austria Wien and the bizarre clauses concerning drunkeness

As part of the Football Leaks series, information concerning several players’ contracts has been released today in French language paper Le Soir.

One of the contracts concerns Nigerian footballer Larry Kayode, whose deal with Austria Wien raises eyebrows with regards specifically to punishments for drunkenness.

The contract reads as follows:

“The players are allowed to go out on the evening of matches and on the following day, without limitation. When the game is during the week, you are not permitted to return home later than 03:00… Smoking is banned but only for communal team public events, and on the bus.”

Don’t think it can get weirder? Wrong. Here are some of the more whacky fines that Mr Kayode can rack up:

€1,000 – leaving the substitutes bench before the ned of the match without authorisation.

€100 – using your mobile phone on the bus.

€500 – a yellow card for poor behaviour.

€500 plus €100 every five minutes – being late for training.

30% salary cut – being drunk in public or turning up to training drunk.


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