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Football Leaks | Hugo Lloris & the €4000 losing bonus

According to a report written by French language newspaper Le Soir as part of the Football Leaks series, French captain and Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris receives a €4000 bonus whenever he registers a loss with the North London side…

The report reads as follows:

“In the case of a defeat, he earns a bonus of €4000. As in many contracts, bonuses are  intended for the French national team goalkeeper with his London club Tottenham. With each victory, Hugo Lloris earns more than €8000. But if Tottenham lose, he still earns a bonus: around €4000. What a way to soften the blow.”

In this case, the Belgian newspaper’s reporting appears vague and it is important to stress that they have not attached a copy of the relevant contract which would definitively prove this statement.

The way in which they have phrased the snippet on Hugo Lloris suggests potentially that they have simply taken an appearance bonus and made it appear as if it is some form of losing bonus.

Appearance bonuses are extremely common in all football contracts. If it however is specifically a bonus in the event that Tottenham lose, it is certainly not a bad way to end a day when your side has taken 0 points away from a match…


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