Frank McCourt is the new owner of Olympique de Marseille!

According to our colleagues at RMC, former LA Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is the new owner of Olympique de Marseille.

Margarita Louis Dreyfus will make the announcement officially in the next 20 minutes after she and the new owner finish their meeting with the Mayor of Marseille.

Frank McCourt’s ownership of the Dodgers ended in 2011 when Major League Baseball seized the team from him due to finance concerns. McCourt was only able to buy the Dodgers in the first place thanks to a large loan from Fox Entertainment Group with his wife and problems were arising all the time about McCourt’s lack of cash.

The team was ultimately seized from McCourt during the divorce process he was undergoing with his then wife.

RMC claim that the American owner has enormous ambitions and wants to re-install Marseille as France’s number one club.

McCourt is understood to have paid north of €40m to buy the club.

All parties hope that the sale of Marseille to McCourt will be ratified before the end of 2016.

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