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Frédéric Thiriez – Fin

The French professional league football body, the LFP, announced today that President Frédéric Thiriez has resigned with immediate effect, in a move that was totally unanticipated.

Thiriez had previously announced that he would not be standing in the next presidential elections, which were and are due in September.

As a result, an interim president will take charge between now and then.

Thiriez is believed to have resigned because he finally succeeded in altering the Ligue 1 – Ligue 2 promotion/relegation rules, which was why he was holding out in the first place, that from next season onwards will see a two-legged playoff affair between the 3rd placed Ligue 2 side and the 18th place Ligue 1 side.

However, this has yet to be confirmed. Thiriez has yet to make a statement regarding his decision.

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