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Gregory van der Wiel to be sanctioned for half-time walk out

Gregory van der Wiel had a bust-up with Zlatan Ibrahimovic at half-time during PSG’s match against ESTAC Troyes, which resulted in the Dutchman storming out of the dressing room mid-match!

According to L’Équipe, Gregory van der Wiel will undoubtedly be sanctioned by PSG for this incredulous behaviour. PSG could take away his right to the morality bonus which is inserted into every PSG player’s contract.

A slight internal suspension is not out of the question either, which would result in van der Wiel missing several days of training and any matches that fall within the amount of day that he is banned for.

In the longer term, van der Wiel has a contract extension offer on the table from PSG, with his current deal expiring at the end of the season. That offer could however rapidly be taken away from the Dutchman, who is not actually happy with the financial conditions attached to it presently anyway.

van der Wiel & PSG, the beginning of the end?

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