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José Mourinho on Anthony Martial: “He needs a little bit of time to improve.”

Speaking exclusively to SFR Sport, Manchester United manager José Mourinho discussed Anthony Martial’s situation at the club.

“Every player is different. I had this season a situation that was more difficult than Karim (Benzema) and Anthony (Martial). Mkhitaryan. But Mkhitaryan was completely open and completely understood the difference between me and other coaches he had. The difference between the demands of the Premier League and the Ukrainian league or even Bundesliga, complete different philosophy of play. And he worked a lot without playing, but he worked a lot to try to reach the level. And certainly by surprise he played a couple of matches when nobody was expecting and he was man of the match and he was phenomenal and people realised that the time we spent outside was a good time for him to improve him as a player.”

“Anthony I think, very young, as a start, very young, people forget that he is very young. Last season, Manchester United was playing completely different, completely different than we do today. He was basically, playing up front, the team had lots of basic ball possession, waiting just for a moment to put the ball in the space for Anthony to go and score a goal. This season it is more difficult. This season is more difficult, he needs a little bit of time to improve I think.” 


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