Kurt Zouma: “We have started 2016 well… we haven’t lost.”

Chelsea central defender Kurt Zouma was this evening a guest on Canal + TV show Canal Football Club, discussing his club’s terrible start to the season and more.

Zouma had the following to say on the club’s current situation:

“I think that it is psychological, I cannot give you the reasons why. There are always seasons like this and we have to lift our head up again, things will get better… It is difficult but we believe in ourselves. In any case, we do not have a choice and we have to lift our heads up again. We have started 2016 well as we have not lost. We are getting there slowly but surely, we need to accelerate it a little.”

Zouma was then asked if squad had simply rejected Mourinho and his ideas by the end of his tenure:

“I would not say that. Things were going very well with him at the heart of dressing room and things are going very well with Hiddink. It was not that, it was the results. We are responsible for the results, we the players, we are on the pitch and we played badly. We did not do the things that we should have done when one looks at the table. We are all partially responsible and that goes the same with Mourinho or Hiddink.”

Zouma then spoke about the Champions’ League and whether or not they were focusing on their upcoming clash with PSG:

“No… But when one considers where we are in the league, it is important because we want a title this year and the Champions’ League therefore counts a lot for us. Aside from that, we are not too focused on that because we have other problems to deal with. We are not thinking a lot about that.”

When asked if the Chelsea players were watching PSG matches, or at least monitoring their results, Zouma said the following:

“No, not at all. We remain concentrated on us as we are not in a good place. We want to go on a run and win matches so we do not have time to think about PSG.”


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