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Laurent Blanc confirms Serge Aurier’s reintroduction

Speaking in an interview with France Bleu, PSG manager Laurent Blanc confirmed the re-integration of right-back Serge Aurier into the first team squad following Periscope-gate during which the Ivorian appeared to call his manager a homophobic term.

Blanc had the following to say on the subject:

“Shocked yes (I was), because I sincerely believe that this boy did not gauge his words. He did not gauge what he could have been saying. So all we needed to do was to remind him. Has he understood? I have no idea. I hope so. I said to him what I could have said, and it is for those reasons that I wanted to meet him. I did not want meet him to hear what he had to say, I wanted to meet him so he could hear what I had to say.”

“Will he play against Manchester? We will see how he has dealt with the saga, how he has dealt with his two international games. He is a player like the others. If he deserves to play, then he will play. This is not forgiveness. He is back in the squad and must be considered as a player in the squad, nothing more, nothing less.”


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