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Laurent Blanc: “We prepared this game with a minimum amount of players.”

Speaking to reporters following PSG’s Champions League exit this evening, manager Laurent Blanc attempted to explain the outcome.

“We tried to do what we wanted to do, but maybe we did not have the means. We should have done better. Over the course of two matches, City can be happy. They placed more of their intensity on the defence this time. We did not score in our good moments in the first and second legs. The change of system? We analysed the first leg. We needed to do it without Matuidi and David Luiz. We prepared this match with a minimum amount of players. As they have nifty attacking players, we wanted to protect the centre without ruining the quality of our game.”

“Aside from that, we had to deal with an injury to Motta. We put ourselves in danger at home and away. Not attacking enough? We could have played only attackers, we would not win more. We have our three attackers this evening. We did not find them between the lines. Their two defenders were very good. You can imagine the disappointment in the changing room.”

“We messed up a lot of chances and we understood in the first leg where we went wrong. We did not have the means. At this time of the year, PSG is not complete, that counts. Now, we need to finish the league well, there is the Coupe de France, the Coupe de la Ligue, it does not smell the same, it is not as exciting, but we have to win it for the club. We will have to overcome the disappointment.”

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