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Laurent Koscielny: “My performances prove that I am one of the best.”

Speaking in an interview with BeIN Sports, Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny discussed his current campaign with the London club and the upcoming EURO 2016 tournament.

Koscielny had the following to say:

“I am trying to stay the same. My performances show that I am one of the best defenders in the league. The difference is that I am attacking my 6th year here and in Ligue 1 I spent just one season. So yes! I think that the English know me better than the French, certainly! I have had to work harder than certain other players to get to where I am and to have a good career.”

Koscielny also talked about EURO 2016:

“What is my aim at the Euros? To go as far as possible: the final! The squad has progressed. The World Cup in Brazil did us an enormous amount of good and that has allowed us to arrive at the Euros with more confidence.”

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