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Laurent Koscielny: “Wenger is still the right man for the job.”

Laurent Koscielny spoke to L’Équipe at the French national team base at Clairefontaine today where he discussed N’Golo Kanté, Arsène Wenger and more.

What do you think about N’Golo Kanté’s performances at Leicester?

He is having a very good season. He is showing his qualities every week. He is an important player who recovers the ball a lot, who bursts forward quickly and who helps his attackers. Nobody bet a dime on Leicester. Since the beginning of the season, everyone thinks they are going to crash.

And yet, they are still there, taking the best from every player. They are forming a tight-knit team. Often, they score first and after that it is: “Everybody back, we are defending our goal.” We have struggled in February and March. We have another eight finals to go to hope to achieve something.

Why do you think that Arsenal have faltered in February and March?

It is difficult. The first half of our season was good. And then when we arrived at February, we had quite a bad run of injuries. When you are missing Cazorla, Welbeck, it is difficult to fight with certain competitors. We need to rediscover our fundamentals. We no longer have the right to make mistakes. Playing nice football will not be enough to win. What is most important is to get points.

Arsène Wenger is criticised. In England, some people are saying that his time is up…

The coach has been at the club for a long time. These banners, he has seen others. He is very calm. He understands the fans’s frustrations. We are doing everything we can to win the league. The coach is still the right man for the job.

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