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Lee Dixon on Arsène Wenger: “He looked like a history teacher.”

Speaking to L’Équipe as we continue to celebrate 20 years of Arsène’s Arsenal, Lee Dixon spoke to the French paper about Arsenal’s best and worst moments under the French tactician.

The best match: 

It was the last match of the league season for the “Invincibles”. You cannot imagine the pressure of the end of the season that weighed on the, nobody thought that they could finish the season without losing at least one match.

His worst match:

This defeat in the Champions League final was for me an incredible disappointment, as a fan of Arsenal, because we had what we needed to win. I know that it is one of Thierry Henry’s greatest regrets.

His best transfer:

Henry arrived in 1999 in a team that was already doing well, whereas Anelka arrived, the team was not at all assured. And he gave us incredible confidence, because he took on the opposition defences at pace.

His worst transfer: 

Mikaël (Silvestre) never played well for Arsenal, he was a bit at the end of his career when he arrived. And as well, he came from Manchester United who had been our great rivals for years.

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