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Mamadou Sakho asked UEFA to suspend him provisionally

French international and Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho asked UEFA to suspend him temporarily, hence his previous 1 month suspension which he has now served, after the defender tested positive for a banned substance after taking a fat burner.

The chief medical officer and head of doping of the European footballing body, Marc Vouillamoz, said on Tuesday, “some substances cause an automatic suspension, others not, and in this case the player wished to be suspended temporarily, of his own will, and UEFA acceded to his request.”

“The provisional suspension of the player ended on May 28th and he is now free to play for Liverpool or with France, although he was not selected to compete in the Euros”.

Vouillamoz went on to say that UEFA do not have a date in mind on which the UEFA Disciplinary Committee will rule on the length of suspension for Sakho.

“To my knowledge, the Disciplinary Committee will decide fairly quickly on the case. Information was taken from experts, documents were passed to the defense of the player. Now the player has the opportunity to speak, and once the player have given his opinion, the Commission will look very closely at the case.”

Mamadou Sakho is not expected to face any further punishment save a fine, after it was revealed that the substance that UEFA flagged him up for did not appear on the European body’s list of banned substances at the time.

Sakho asked to be suspended as a precautionary measure, in order to protect himself from potentially inflaming a possible permanent ban, at a time when it was not clear whether or not he had committed any wrongdoing.

It now appears as if he has not.

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