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Mamadou Sakho decides not submit B sample to UEFA, ban a foregone conclusion?

According to The Guardian and The Telegraph, French international and Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho did not submit a B sample to UEFA yesterday, therefore forfeiting his chances of recording negative to the illegal substance that was found in an initial drugs test that he took following an encounter with Manchester United in the Europa League.

As a result, Mamadou Sakho’s defence will lie solely with his claim that he was unaware that he was taking an illegal substance when he decide to take a fat burning product at the beginning of the 2014/15 season.

He did so in a bid to lose weight when he was kicked out of the starting XI by Brendan Rodgers at the beginning of this season’s campaign.

It now seems very unlikely that Sakho will escape this mess unharmed and without some form of punishment from UEFA, which would almost certainly entail the player being banned from EURO 2016…

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