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Marco Verratti articulates on the underrated nature of Ligue 1

Speaking to Goal, PSG central midfielder Marco Verratti discussed the challenges that a footballer faces in Ligue 1 and affirms that the league is wholly underrated.

“Ligue 1 has brought me a lot. It is the championship that allows me to play with a great team like PSG, with a winning mentality. Then there’s the physical aspect which has taught me to never let go. All teams are at 110 per cent against us. If you are at 110% too, the match may be easy; otherwise it is very, very complicated. I made a lot of progress in terms of my mentality thanks to that.”

“In the other championships, it’s a little different. In Spain, for example, an average team that faces Real Madrid or Barcelona will forget the opponents and play football. They are used to a more open, less defensive game. This is the reason why it is easier for Real Madrid or Barcelona to score five or six goals. I’m not sure they could score as much in France – especially away. I like this way of playing, as the Spaniards do, but it is more difficult to find spaces in France.”

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