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Marseille have their buyer, Marcelo Bielsa will reportedly return!

In an absolutely sensational exclusive from France Football this evening, the website edition of the French football magazine is reporting that Marcelo Bielsa will return as Marseille manager after the club has found a new buyer, Gérard Lopez, former President of Lotus F1 Team and a Luxembourg businessman.

The report states that the deal papers have already been signed, between Margarita Louis Dreyfus, the current owner, under the purview of Marseille Mayor Jean Claude Gaudin.

A press conference on the 28th or 29th August should occur in order to announce and confirm the sale of the club to Gérard Lopez.

That is not the best bit, with him Lopez is bringing Marcelo Bielsa back to the club, according to the report, in a quite extraordinary turn of events.

On top of that Bielsa and Lopez will be bringing six new players with them.

An incredible comeback for Bielsa. For new owner Lopez, sport is not business, it is his life.

Astonishing news.

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