Mathieu Debuchy on his strategy for the forthcoming transfer window

Arsenal right-back Mathieu Debuchy discussed the possibility of leaving the club next month in an interview with our colleagues at L’Équipe.

“I am looking for an exit door. I want to try a new challenge, to throw everything back into something, to quite simply do my job in a normal way. At one moment or another, you start to miss the excitement, the adrenaline.”

On reported interest from Olympique de Marseille:

Honestly, I do not know where that is. I said to my agents not to come to me unless they have something concrete. Aside from that, Marseille are still Marseille. Even if the results have been a little difficult, they remain one of the biggest clubs in Ligue 1. As well, there is a nice project that is in the process of being put in place with a manager who I know well (Rudi Garcia).

On whether or not he is against the idea of returning to France:

No I am not, the proof is my time at Bordeaux, which I enjoyed enormously. You have to see what presents itself. I have a family, four children, that comes under consideration. And that is why, for example, I have not followed up some contacts in Turkey.

On what type of move he would prefer:

I would prefer a straight transfer but I am only an employee. If the club says no to me, what can I do?


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