Morgan Schneiderlin on EURO 2016 squad announcement: “I will be tense.”

Speaking exclusively to our colleagues at L’Équipe, Manchester United midfielder and French international Morgan Schneiderlin admitted that he was nervous about Thursday’s EURO 2016 squad announcement.

On his chances of making France’s EURO 2016 squad:

I would be lying if I said that I was 100% optimistic. My chances have reduced a bit recently. But it would also be a lie for me to say that I did not believe. For two years, I have been in practically every squad. It was a dream. So it is still in a corner of my mind. I will impatiently be waiting for this list, to see what comes of it, without any regret, because the decision will be down to the coach.

On how he is dealing with N’Golo Kanté’s rise:

I spent a period of time between December and January where I was used less at Manchester. I knew that I could not let myself play only a little, due to the competition for places, of course it forced me to ask myself questions. I was less calm than normal.

On whether he would be happy to be a member of the 7 reserves that Didier Deschamps will choose in addition to his 23-man squad:

2 years ago (when he was initially named in the reserves for the 2014 World Cup), things were very different. I had not received a single call-up. For me, it was a joy to be a reserve. Today, I have spent two years in the national team squad. It would be hypocritical for me to say that I would be happy to be a reserve.

On his first season at Manchester United:

I have had good games and less good games, like the entire squad. But certainly at Manchester United everything is different. A good game for Southampton can be seen as a bad game for Manchester United. When I signed for Manchester, I wanted to play every single match, to perform well all the time. I am therefore not totally satisfied. I am not happy, I am in between. But this is my first year. I am convinced that I will come back very, very strongly next season.


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