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Moussa Sissoko: “My desire was to remain in the Premier League.”

Speaking to our colleagues at Foot Mercato, Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Moussa Sissoko discussed an interesting few months that he has had in all departments of his football career.

With hindsight, how do you look at the complicated summer transfer window that you just had?

It was very complicated. I was waiting for my transfer, I did not know where I was going to go to play and what I was going to do. So yes again a complicated summer. But today, I am very happy about everything that is happening to me. After signing for Tottenham, a great club, today I feel very good mentally and physically. I am enjoying myself, what more could you ask for.

We know that your departure from Newcastle was heated. Are you still following Newcastle’s season in the Championship?

Yes, I am following them a bit. I have a fair amount of friends over there. We have stayed in contact. I am seeing what they have managed to do, it is very good. They are very good. I hope that they will continue like that throughout the season and that they will have the chance to come back to the Premier League.

You are now at Tottenham. How are your first moments going over there?

Things are going very well. I am discovering a new club, a new environment, new teammates, a new playing style and also another way of playing. I have had to adapt. Day by day, match by match, I fell better and better. It is good. I am learning with some really good players. As time goes on, my performances will be better.

What do you think you can bring to this Tottenham team?

I am trying to bring my qualities, whether that is in terms of playing forward, physicality, acceleration. I play with my strong points. The club brought me here for that. I do not see why I would try to recreate a new style. They know what I am good at and that is why they brought me here. It is up to me to put my services forward to the squad so that we can reach our aims together.

You are playing for Mauricio Pochettino this season. What do you think of his style?

We have a very good relationship. When I signed this summer, we discussed things together. He speaks to me a lot. As this is a new system, a new way of playing, he explains to me how I should play, what he is expecting of me. For me, he is a very good coach. You can see what he succeeded in doing in the past with Espanyol, then at Southampton and now at Tottenham. It is truly something extraordinary. It is true that his work asks for a lot of intensity in the match. But it pays off. When you see the results, what he is doing is working.

You have just served a three match Premier League suspension. Talk to us about that period.

It was very frustrating to not be able to play in the last three league matches. Even more so because the last match was against Arsenal which was a big derby. Now it is in the past. My last match suspended was on Sunday. I am with the national team and I am trying to concentrate on the matches that are upcoming. As soon as I return to my club I will be able to play. It will be up to me to give everything to give the best possible performances.

You have previously stated that you wanted to stay in the Premier League this summer. With the influx of great coaches this summer, you must be happy…

My desire was to stay in the Premier League. Yet again, I think that the English league is the one that corresponds the best with my abilities. The fact that I got to stay is a very good thing for me as I know the league well. I am luck to play for a very great English club. I am happy. It will be up to me to give everything to have a good season as a team and as an individual.



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