Moussa Sissoko: “Real Madrid are difficult to turn down.”

Speaking in an interview with Foot Mercato, Moussa Sissoko talk at length about his future and current situation. Highlights.

“Yes, I still hope to join a bigger club. Now, we are in talks with Newcastle. My agent has had discussions with the club. They are open to a departure. It is good. Now, I hope that everyone will find an agreement and I will have a chance to play somewhere else.”

On his €40m price tag:

“Today in football prices mean nothing. We see that with the astronomic sums for certain players. 40 million Euros? If Newcastle have the chance to get that, good for them. It will be good for me too. It would mean that if a club makes such an offer, that they want me. We will wait calmly. I remain calm.”

On talking to Rafa Benitez:

“Yes we have had discussions. He told me that he was waiting for an offer for me. He said that if everything was in good order, there would not be a problem.”

On Real Madrid:

“Who would not be flattered… Real Madrid are one of the best clubs in the world. It is nice to be a player who interests great clubs. For the moment, I am still a Newcastle player. I am waiting. And if it is Real Madrid, then great… It is true that Real Madrid are difficult to refuse. But as I have said, there will be lots of things to take into account. We will have tot think about it. I will make a decision with my agent. We will have a discussion. Whatever the club, we will decide together and make the best decision.”


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