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Note: Le 10 Sport’s story on Alexandre Lacazette & Arsenal

After an outpouring of requests for a take on a story breaking this evening from Le 10 Sport that claims Alexandre Lacazette has agreed personal terms with Arsenal, we have decided to oblige.

First of all, despite Le 10 Sport’s difficulties among the French media in their attempt to be respected, it must be noted that they have improved markedly in terms of reliability of their transfer stories in the last 18 months.

Their coverage of the latest on the potential sale of Marseille football club has been unparalleled.

However, this particular story regarding Lacazette is difficult to endorse.

They have no track record in the player’s saga this summer in terms of producing reliable news on it exclusively.

The only truly exclusive angle of this story is the claim that Lacazette has agreed personal terms with Arsenal, with many other outlets having reported recently that AFC will make another bid for Lacazette imminently.

The player’s agent, David Venditelli famously generally refuses to stay in touch with media of any kind, a contrasting style to the likes of a Mino Raiola.

From Arsenal’s side of things, they remain extremely private with their transfer dealings.

It is very possible that Arsenal and Lacazette have an agreement in principle, but at this early stage it is a seemingly impossible thing to reliably prove.

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