Olivier Giroud: “I do not understand the booing.”

Speaking to reporters following France’s 3-2 victory over Cameroon, Olivier Giroud responded to the consistent booing that was on the receiving end of during the entirety of the match.

Olivier, how do you feel following this victory?

It is good, we continue with a win. We scored 3 goals, we created lots of chances even if we could have scored more goals. We are satisfied this evening to have won the game, we continue on our run. We still have a lot of confidence even if everything was not perfect, we will need to look back over some of our little errors.

You also scored…

I continue on my run. From a personal point of view, it is good. Especially because there is a lot of anticipation, so it is good to be able to respond.

With anticipation come pressure…

A little bit, it will crescendo, that is part of football.

How do you feel physically?

Yes good. I knew that it was going to be rough tonight. I felt good.

You scored a nice volley. Take us through it.

Yes, I was well placed. Paul made a fantastic move, I broke away well. Aside from that the defender was a bit short and my desire was to just hit the target above everything because it was going fast. Yes, I am happy. Of course I could have scored a second but it came at me quickly, I was a bit surprised. It is true that the goalkeeper made a good save. In fact he made two or three. On Cabaye as well.

Did you hear the boos in your direction and do you understand them?

Yes I heard them… I do not know. You know that I have gone through stages in my career that have been quite complicated, so these things don’t hurt me much, but it is true that it is a shame. Being French, playing in France, if we miss a chance we want the fans to encourage us.

They are also there for that. Especially as I scored a goal with my only shot. So I do not understand it much but what was important was that we won, and that I continue that personal run of scoring.

Do you think it is indirectly linked to the absence of Karim Benzema?

Yes, we must not pretend that it isn’t. I am… we are with Dédé (Gignac) those who will be targeted.


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