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Patrice Evra on Valbuena sextape-gate: “We shot ourselves in the foot twice.”

Speaking to RTL this evening, left-back Patrice Evra was asked about the ongoing investigation into the alleged blackmail of Mathieu Valbuena through the use of a sextape which Karim Benzema has been found to have somehow been involved in.

Evra had the following to say:

“Who is wrong, who is right? The only thing that I can say is that we shot ourselves in the foot twice, that is it, I do not need to add anything to that. Both of them will remain my friends for life… Didier [Deschamps] says to us each time, there will not be any more stories [or scandals] that come out before these Euros. It will be time to leave us alone, so that we can think about what happens on the pitch, about working, about winning consistently.”

Evra then went on to discuss Karim Benzema specifically, when asked if he was surprised about the Real Madrid man’s excellent performances for his club, despite the ongoing scandal:

“…because when you are on a football pitch, it is also your oxygen tank, it is also what sets you free,” he went on to explain. “Everybody has their problems, but once you arrive on the pitch, it is the love of football [that takes over]. Me, I think that you will start to do just about anything on the pitch when you no longer love football or you only play football for a big salary.”

Evra then turned his attentions to the terrorist attacks of November 2015:

“It really pissed me off, please excuse the term, to lose this match against England. There were some players who played but were not really in the game. It is not an excuse because we wanted to keep going with only victories because we had just beaten Germany at the Stade de France.”


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