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Pep Guardiola on Marcelo Bielsa: “He is one of my idols.”

Speaking exclusively to SFR Sport, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola discussed his encounter with former Olympique de Marseille manager Marcelo Bielsa in 2006 when they spent 11 hours together.

“[I learnt] a lot. In 11 hours you can learn a lot. But at the end you cannot learn what exactly Marcelo is. You need to live with him, you need to experience more but I am a huge fan of him. He dignifies our profession. He is a person who respects his their colleagues, who respect the way they want to play. He had an admiration about all the players he had. His awareness, he knows absolutely everything about football. He deserves to be in football every season, every moment. He is honest. He is clear. He is a strong guy with the strong people and a good guy with the weak people. So I admire him a lot. He is one of my idols.”


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