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PSG ultras will attempt to stop fans travelling to Manchester

According to L’Équipe, a group of PSG ultras who are opposed to the current Qatari regime at the club will attempt to prevent members of the official PSG supporters club from embarking on scheduled and catered buses at 23:00 local time this evening.

“Ultras Paris” aim to use all means possible to prevent these PSG fans from travelling to the game and from mounting the buses, the report claims.

Police are already waiting and ready on the scene to disperse these troublemakers.

A spokesperson for the collective PSG ultra movement responded to the story this evening, announcing that there were not at all violent, that they were simply there to make their feelings heard and to have a conversation with the fans.

The statement also claims that they would be seeking legal action against the L’Équipe journalist who wrote the story on the grounds of defamation.

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