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Rafael: “Against PSG, I was rubbish.”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, former Manchester United full-back and current Lyon man Rafael discussed his current situation at the club.

On the 27 injuries that he suffered during his time at Manchester United:

It was never the same thing. The two shoulders, the temple, the jaw, the knees. Everything. Each time you picked up form and a bit of confidence. Each time you would have to fight to come back.

On leaving Manchester United:

I did not know that I was so popular, right until I left. I have never received so many letters and messages.

On playing Liverpool:

The matches against Liverpool you had to play in. I had always liked those, they were my favourite games. At Anfield, it was such a cauldron, so good. But when I watch the videos back, I say to myself that I was crazy. Here too, the derby is crazy, and I liked that.

On playing with Fabio:

One day, at Barnsley, I fouled someone, and the referee booked Fabio. He had to cancel the card later on! In England, that made their week! We used the fact that we look alike sometimes to avoid punishment. In school, we would say that the other one did it. But that was still quite difficult for our mother: when we were very young, she struggled to tell us apart.

On the 1st half of last season with Lyon:

It was the worst of my career. When Bruno (Genesio) arrived, everything changed. We cannot concede goals like we have been doing. We have not been playing well, me included. Against PSG (1-4), I was terrible.

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