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Remi Garde speaks out on Aston Villa situation

Premier League side Aston Villa’s manager Remi Garde has spoken to French radio station RMC about his current situation, amid speculation suggesting that the former Lyon manager would be about walk out.

“Of course, I would have liked to have had players [in the transfer window]. I had pinpointed certain elements, but it did not happen for several reasons. Already our football situation is not particularly motivating. There is the possibility that we will be in the Championship next year. The American owner has also lost £300m. Instead, he might want to do something else. As long as it is mathematically possible, I believe. Aside from that, it is not a mystery, the club has been fighting for four years not to go down…”

“The squad and the players have potential, but it remains a reduced group. They have broad enough shoulders to play in the Premier League. They have shown that since I arrived. That is to their credit. Now I think that there was a bit of confusion with the former manager.”

“With Tim Sherwood, things simply didn’t stick. They lost seven of their first ten matches. When you arrive in England, all individuals coming from the continent have difficulties in terms of adapting. There are specifics that are sometimes surprising. The French manager that I am has given them second wind.”

“[Objectives and whether or not he stays should they be relegated] will be rediscussed once the next season begins its preparation. That means at the end of the campaign. I am ready to stay at this club if I am given the means required for promotion. Aston Villa is a prestigious club in England on the exterior. But inside, there are lots of things that need to be done…”

“My aim in the short term is not to return to France. I have nothing against France, but I like a lot what happens here. We will see about a return much later.”


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