Romelu Lukaku: “Chelsea was a dream for me.”

Speaking to SFR Sport, Everton striker Romelu Lukaku discussed his time at Chelsea.

“Chelsea were the club that I had wanted to play for for the longest time. When I came back the second year I thought that I would get a chance. But as I said a manager has a right to make decisions and it is up to me to prove that he (Mourinho) was wrong. I was patient, I waited for three games and the situation did not change. As I knew that the World Cup was in 2014 and I did not want to miss it, I left… I think that now he (Mourinho) will recognise that I am a good player. That I can play at the highest level if necessary. When I see him it is always warm and respectful. And I know I respect him too. We have an excellent relationship.”

“When I left he was the first to send me a message and he told me that he understood my decision. And that he would follow my progression. I know now that in football sometimes you cannot make your dreams come true. Sometimes you need to take another road to become successful.”

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