Serge Aurier arrested

Just before 06:00 CET this morning, PSG right-back Serge Aurier was arrested in Paris by police on charges of insulting them and light violence.

These police officers belonged to the BAC (Anti Crime Brigade). Officers from this brigade are often in unmarked cars and specialise in interventions in sensitive environments.

Aurier was arrested after leaving the nightclub, on the Rue de Ponthieu. Police officers were in the process of spotting a car when the incident occurred, according to France Bleu. The police officers then attempted to control and calm the individuals within the car, who were very aggressive.

Finally, the individuals inside this car accept to get out of it, except the passenger in the front passenger seat, Serge Aurier.

The tone turns nasty between the police officers and the Ivorian international, with his friends attempting to calm him down, but in vain.

Aurier kept repeating: “You have no idea who I am, you are going to have problems.”

The police officer who then attempted to forcibly remove Aurier from the car claims to have been shoved and nudged by the PSG player.

Aurier was finally taken into custody on charges of insulting a police officer, indignity and light violence. The policeman who claims to have been attacked by Aurier has decided to take legal action against him.

At the time of writing, Aurier remains in police custody.

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