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Serge Aurier embroiled in seismic Periscope scandal

Ivory Coast international and PSG right-back Serge Aurier is this morning embroiled in a seismic scandal concerning certain comments that he made whilst being broadcasted live on Periscope by a friend and fellow footballer Mamadou Doucouré, who asks Aurier the majority of the questions which the PSG player responds to in short, sharp and horrifying fashion.

It was 22:00 CET on Saturday when Serge Aurier was with a friend which Get French Football News can reveal as Mamadou Doucouré and decided to launch a Periscope broadcast, an application that broadcasts live on the internet, with fans being able to comment and watch their interactions appear on the side of the video stream for the world and Aurier to see.

For nearly 90 minutes it lasted, as is fashionable at the moment for footballers, but the damage that Aurier did during that time was seismic and shocking. During the broadcast, Aurier insults a variety of individuals through answering questions that his friend Mr Doucouré asks and also through a rap which Aurier is asked to do.

Aurier realises that he went too far and removes the video, making it inaccessible to those who were not watching live. Unfortunately, the trouble only just begins there for Serge Aurier because individuals have footage from the live session, which almost unequivocally proves that the Ivorian said the things that he is alleged to have said.

During the broadcast, Aurier appears to describe PSG manager Laurent Blanc as “une fiotte” which translates to “homosexual” or, in some cases, “fa**ot” and when asked if Laurent Blanc sucks Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s male genitalia, Aurier replies: “he takes it all”

The Ivorian goes on to insult Salvatore Sirigu by appearing to call him “rubbish”, Gregory van der Wiel is described as “wetter than water” before a questionable foul-mouthed tirade concerning a Marseille fan who posts a comment during the Periscope live feed that includes Aurier telling him that he “will have sex with nobody”.

In the early hours of Sunday morning Canal + journalist Pierre Menes claims to have spoken with Serge Aurier and announces that the player is going to seek legal action for the falsification of the video. Now, it would be pretty staggering for someone to be able to falsify a live feed on Periscope involving Serge Aurier. During the video, Aurier’s face is intermittently, clearly seen. Menes also said that Aurier’s camp claimed that the video came from four months ago.

However, particular abuse aimed at Edinson Cavani proves that this theory will not hold up. During the broadcast, Aurier was asked about Cavani’s performance against Lille, a match that occurred only yesterday afternoon. Aurier allegedly replied: something to the tune of if you bet on him scoring you should call him, I will give you his number.

This morning, BFMTV claims that Aurier’s entourage has revealed to them that actually the player does not deny the existence of the video and that Aurier himself merely did not think of the consequences.

The player is expected to be suspended by PSG for several games and fined. Some are even suggesting that Blanc will look to sell the player in summer.

It is important to note that Laurent Blanc was targeted several times by Aurier in the alleged broadcast and that we have only quoted excerpts from the broadcast which are appropriate for our audience to read.

PSG will make a statement in the coming hours. The player was not in training with PSG this morning.

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