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Serge Aurier handed 2 month jail sentence

PSG right-back and Ivorian international Serge Aurier was today handed a two month prison sentence for assaulting a police officer on May 30th by a judge in Paris.

Aurier will not have to serve any jail time, as the nature of the sentence is flexible and the PSG man will be able to serve his time through community service instead. Nevertheless, Aurier has decided to fight the decision and will apply for his case to be heard in a Court of Appeals.

During the trial, Serge Aurier is understood to have behaved in a “suicidal” manner in terms of his case panning out successfully, according to the policeman’s lawyer Thibault de Montbrial, speaking to RMC:

“What was important was that the tribunal realised the reality of the actions of Mr Aurier. He chose a risky form of trying to defend himself: lying, and lying quite considerably, and talking publicly a lot with a false version of events.”

de Montbrial was then asked about what his client, the policeman who was allegedly assaulted by Aurier, thought about the decision:

“My client works for a nighttime intervention unit, has done so for more than three years, and had never been part of such a spun-off story. He was quite affected by Mr. Aurier’s lying, especially on social networks. He is pleased to see the court side with the absolute, undeniable truth. If Mr Aurier had been struck by the policeman’s gloves, his face would have been swollen.”

de Montbrial then commented on Aurier’s decision to appeal the verdict:

“The case will not change. He has the right to appeal. But I fear for him that, if he does not change his attitude in front of the Court of Appeals, the relatively severe penalty he has received today will be confirmed. The attitude that Mr Aurier showed in front of the tribunal was not far from suicidal.”

Serge Aurier has already committed four criminal offences before this incident with a policeman in May, all four times being found guilty of driving without a licence, most recently on the 23rd May 2016 when he received a 3 month suspended prison sentence.

Aside from the 2 month jail sentence Aurier received today, which he will serve as community service because the prosecution decided that prison was “not appropriate” unless his appeal is successful, he has also been ordered to pay a total of €2100, with €1500 covering court costs and the rest going to the policeman for “physical damages”.

When the verdict came down, Aurier visibly froze in his chair before seeking consoling from his lawyer.

PSG have issued a statement confirming that the player will be permitted to play for the club as he attempts to appeal the verdict.

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