The French national team reacts to Karim Benzema’s interview

The French national team camp, which is currently in Austria, as their pre-tournament preparations continue, learnt about Karim Benzema’s interview with Marca late last night.

Speaking to RMC anonymously, some of the French national team players have reacted to Karim Benzema’s outbursts, which include blaming Mathieu Valbuena for the current situation that the Real Madrid man finds himself in, ridiculing the decision to suspend him and accusing manager Didier Deschamps of being weak.

One member of the national team had the following to say:

“Why do that now, ten days before the Euros. It is us who will have to face it in the media. Today, we have a press conference. It is not Karim who will face the journalists. I do not understand the timing. He has put us in the shi**er.”

Another individual, who is cited as a source close to the French national team coaching staff, was incensed:

“It is unacceptable. It is unjustifiable. It’s selfish of him. To approach the discussion of racism is foolish and ridiculous. It’s funny for a racist select 13 people of colour…”

Sources claim that Didier Deschamps was “shocked and repulsed” by Karim Benzema’s declarations when he first came across them, and he will refuse to discuss them in any press conferences this week. He wants to remain focused on the Euros and his players. Today, Didier Deschamps is understandably questioning the long-term future of Benzema with the national team.

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