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The GFFN Show Disappointment of the Half-Season: Angel di Maria

During the GFFN Half-Season Awards Show, the panel voted for PSG attacking midfielder Angel di Maria as the disappointment of the first half of the 2016/17 campaign.

GFFN pundit Eric Devin explained the decision to go with Angel di Maria for this particular category:

“I think that the lack of professionalism that we have seen with him, especially with regards to the matches yesterday is just really unbecoming. This is a player who has all the ability in the world, but has now disappeared, or is on the verge of disappearing for two consecutive clubs. For me, that is just really disappointing. He could be one of the best ten players in the world if he got his act together… he has not worked tracking back, I think PSG are suffering the most of it as a result.”


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