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Two England fans jailed after Marseille violence

Two England fans were charged today for throwing bottles at the French police. The fans received sentences of two months and three months, respectively. One fan received a longer sentence than the other, as he was alleged to have picked up a second bottle after throwing an initial one.

They were also both banned from visiting France for two years.

It is expected that many more individuals will be charged imminently, including four more England fans and one Austria fan, who are all likely to be sentenced in the coming days, having been arrested during a weekend of football marred by so-called “fan violence”.

Two Russia fans are currently in this process of being expelled from the France.

UEFA have opened disciplinary proceedings against the Russian Football Union and will decide on the appropriate sanctions during a meeting due to be held tomorrow.

Despite this, Russian MP Igor Lebedev has called for Russia fans to “keep up the good work”.


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