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UEFA hands Mamadou Sakho suspension over doping investigation

UEFA have confirmed that they have suspended Mamadou Sakho from playing in professional football matches for the next 30 days as an investigation into his violation of doping laws is carried out.

The French international has admitted to taking a fat burner product but he claims that he did not know that there was a substance in it that was illegal vis-à-vis UEFA doping rules.

Sakho decided not to submit a B sample to UEFA, which would have given him a chance to prove that he has not been doping and that the sample taken following Liverpool’s encounter with Manchester United in the Europa League was a one-off scenario.

He did not submit a B sample because it would have likely yielded the same result and the illegal substance would have been found again.

Sakho has been taking this fat burning product since September when he was dropped from the Liverpool starting XI by Brendan Rodgers.

Sakho is now no longer taking the offending substance.

The player now awaits the tribunal, where UEFA will come to an ultimate decision. The player is expected t be handed at least a 6 month ban, which would mean that he would miss EURO 2016.

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