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When Zlatan Ibrahimovic nicknamed Kevin Trapp “Adolf” to make Salvatore Sirigu feel better

According to a brand new book on Zlatan Ibrahimovic at PSG written by L’Équipe journalists Damien Degorre and Arnaud Hermant, the Swedish international nicknamed German goalkeeper Kevin Trapp “Adolf” upon his arrival at the club in an attempt to make Salvatore Sirigu, his friend, feel better about losing his place in the starting XI.

Here is the extract as revealed by Le Figaro:

“Trapp is German, and upon his arrival at PSG, Ibra gave him a little nickname: Adolf. When Zlatan estimates something to be a good joke, once his comic repetition gets underway, a bit like as in the penalty area, nobody can stop him. So with that, the new PSG goalkeeper was called Adolf here, and Adolf there. Never short in terms of improvisation, the PSG star then gave the German a little song. It should not necessarily be seen as malicious on the part of the Swede, but instead as a lack of education or perhaps a desire to please Salvatore, who had subsequently been dropped to the bench.”

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