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Why Anthony Martial’s personal life might be affecting his performances

Anthony Martial’s midweek performance against Albania was poor, with many pundits pointing at the pressure of his first major tournament weighing on the 20 year old’s shoulders.

However, Telestar FR have revealed that the cause of the player’s current troubles could lie in his personal life.

This week, a nasty social media battle has broken out between his ex-girlfriend Samantha, the mother of his young daughter Pénélope and his rumoured new girlfriend, reality TV star who now works for NRJ, Mélanie Da Cruz.

Samantha apparently broke up with Anthony Martial when The Sun published an article detailing the French striker’s infidelity with a British reality TV star in April 2016.

Samantha and Mélanie have been spending the week insulting each other on various social networks including on Snapchat and Instagram, during which the pair have been tearing each other apart over their body parts, notably their implants, their noses, their posteriors and more.

An example of a message written by Samantha to Mélanie reads as follows:

“What about a face to face on TV, but please actually wear some clothes, have a bit of respect for your implants…”

Mélanie responded in kind, attacking Samantha over the way her posterior looked.

It is fair to say that perhaps there is more to Martial’s on-pitch difficulties than initially meets the eye…

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