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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “The Qataris will chase the Champions League, with or without me”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has given a pre-match press conference ahead of PSG’s 2nd leg Champions’s League encounter with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge tomorrow evening.

On whether this match is about revenge for Ibrahimovic:

I have never thought about revenge, or those type of things. The past, is the past, I am thinking about the present. I just want to remain on the pitch for as long as possible, to do what I know how to do, to play football. The Chelsea players who behaved liked babies? Tomorrow is another match. The last time, it was like nothing I have seen. I did not expect that sort of behaviour from those sort of players.

Can I finally win the Champions’s League? Age is a feeling. I do not feel old. With maturity, I have told myself that this would not change the player that I am if I do not win it. But, I would be very happy to win it. I have won a lot of trophies with a lot of clubs. This year, I have the chance to win it. I am going to try.

On coming to the Premier League: 

These months with PSG and the Euros, that is what I am thinking about. I am not going to decide today. I am not currently discussing anything. I am not worried. There will be offered. The future looks good for me.

On the difference between Chelsea and PSG:

This project started 3.5 years ago. Chelsea’s one started over 10 years ago. With time things come. Believe me, the Qataris will chase after the Champions League until they have it. With or without me. This is a new project. I am part of it. Give us some time and you will see. They have moulded a very good team. We have not yet gone further because we were lacking a little in experience.

On John Terry’s injury:

I would like him to play. I missed him. With him, it is Chelsea’s best team. I prefer to play with the best. But, in the previous game, without him, it was difficult. This is a challenge for us.

On the match:

We are ready, we have prepared ourselves well in recent weeks. Tomorrow is the match. The entire team has come to London. We are ready, play. The key to victory? There is maybe a secret, but I will keep it to myself. This match will be different, we will follow the instructions of the coach. We have not yet spoken about tactics or strategy. With the 2-1, the situation is different.


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