Zlatan Ibrahimovic willing to join Manchester United minus van Gaal?

According to a report from Sky Sports, Swedish superstar and PSG striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has indicated an interest in joining Premier League side Manchester United this summer, but only of Louis van Gaal is not the manager.

The report also claims that Ibrahimovic has an offer from China worth £56m over the course of two seasons.

The story’s timing, just one day before PSG’s huge clash with Manchester City in the Champions League, gives rise to questions about the nature of its purpose.

While it may be true that Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be interested in joining Manchester United next season, the notion that he would refuse to join the Red Devils on account of Louis van Gaal still being at the club is extremely questionable.

Ibrahimovic has previously addressed the idea of working under van Gaal at Manchester United in an interview for Sports Illustrated last year:

“I think a lot of fights would happen, but that is something I like.”

Where does Ibrahimovic’s future lie? That is the million dollar question, but such a report offers no such increased insight into the eventual answer.

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