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Alexandre Lacazette on Dortmund: “It could be interesting, they are a big club.”

Speaking to fans on Eurosport’s Facebook LIVE feed today, Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette took several questions on his future.

About the possibility of moving to Dortmund:

That could be interesting, Dortmund are a great club.

About the possibility of moving to the Premier League:

That could be an interesting option, it is a great league with interesting teams. For the moment, those are only rumours.

On the news that Atletico Madrid, the club he wanted to join, are banned from signing players this summer:

Like everyone else, I heard the news. This was always going to be a possibility, it was 50-50. The decision has not perturbed me, life goes on.

On the option of signing for Atletico Madrid this summer and not playing for them until January, potentially then spending 6 months on loan at Lyon:

It is possible, it is a scenario that should not be excluded. A loan to Lyon until the winter window? I have not looked at that much because the President is saying that that is not possible. We will have to prepare ourselves for all eventualities, but that is not the way I want it to go.

On when he will take a decision on his future:

I will wait until the end of the international stint with France before taking my decision.





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