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Antoine Griezmann heeds caution for Kylian Mbappé

Speaking in a press conference ahead of Spain vs France, Antoine Griezmann discussed the hype surrounding AS Monaco’s teenage attacker Kylian Mbappé.

“Yes, Koke sent me a message to ask what Kylian is like, but that was last Monday, I said to him that I still had yet to see anything and that I was looking forward to seeing throughout the week. Tomorrow, I will see him and we will speak about the youngsters. I am happy with our youngsters, they have their heads on their shoulders, they work very hard in training, we see that they have a desire to be part of this team, so it is excellent for us. Kylian, you need to be careful about what you (the journalists) say about him, with your analyses. You think he is very good, that he is the new Thierry Henry… No, each player must make his own path. Of course he is different to others because of his age. But if he keeps the mentality that he has now, he will become a great.”



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