Arsenal tried to sign Cédric Carrasso this summer

French goalkeeper Cédric Carrasso revealed this morning in an interview with L’Équipe that he had accepted an offer from Arsenal this summer, but that the move fell through. He is now a Galatasaray player.

Why did you not sign with Sporting Portugal?

I accepted that offer. Everything was ok, but the deal was thrown off. There was a problem with the agents involved. The same thing for Arsenal. Arsène wanted to operate with 3 good goalkeepers. I was supposed to go there as 3rd choice. At the beginning, I said to myself: “3rd choice to do nothing, that is not being part of a squad, that is not interesting.” But then I told myself: “It is still Arsenal!” And then again there was a problem with agents.

You were also due to move to Scotland…

Yes. I even visited the training ground of Hearts of Midlothian. I found it great in Edinburgh, apart from the salary. I was ready to cut my salary by half… At the beginning, it was very poor financially. Honestly. Like €4k a week.


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