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Arsène Wenger has made a decision on his future

Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger confirmed to reporters following the club’s 3-1 loss to West Brom this afternoon that he has made a decision on his future, with his current contract expiring at the end of the season.

“Don’t worry, I know what I will do in my future so you will soon know, very soon. You will see. Today I don’t necessarily worry about that. We are in a unique bad patch that we haven’t had in 20 years. We lose game after game at the moment, and that is more important for me than my future.”

“We have a big fight and it will be very difficult now, but there is no other way than fighting and we must do it until the last game of the season. If it’s not good enough we take the consequences. And maybe, one day, if we don’t do it, people will enjoy it more to be in there.”


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