Arsène Wenger latest: most likely scenario is a new one-year deal – L’Équipe

L’Équipe reported this morning that the most likely outcome of the ongoing mystery surrounding Arsène Wenger’s contract extension is that the French boss signs a new one year deal with Arsenal.

Following Arsenal’s collapse against Bayern Munich, the French daily claims that Wenger genuinely questioned his future at Arsenal for the first time in a considerable while.

The questions that he asked himself included: Do I still feel wanted? Would I feel better elsewhere? At PSG, for example?

At board level, neither internally nor externally has the club questioned Arsène Wenger’s future, according to the French paper, this entire time regardless of the turmoil.

Rather the opposite is true: they appreciate Wenger’s work and the fact that the club’s accounts are in the green every season, something which is quite rare in football. Wenger treats the club’s money as if it were his own and never spends for spending’s sake.

One of fans’ main frustrations appears to be Wenger’s caution in the transfer market, but L’Équipe report that Arsenal have heard these frustrations, as has their manager, and intend to take a radical, never-seen-before approach to the coming summer window. Spending whatever is necessary to compete. The newspaper claims that Wenger is looking to sign a world class striker and central defender.

Wenger is currently negotiating for multiple players at the time of writing in view of the summer window, according to the report.

Wenger said in February: “I will be managing next season. Here or somewhere else.”

The problem for Wenger is that he will never have as much freedom elsewhere as he currently has at Arsenal.

At Arsenal, Wenger is the boss and it appears that it will remain that way for at least another season.

And, if this is his last new contract, it would be fitting that he is given the resources in the transfer market to maximise the potential for success in the 2017/18 window.


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