AS Monaco VP Vasilyev has no intention of negotiating with Arsenal for Thomas Lemar

Monaco Vice President Vadim Vasilyev has no intention with negotiating with Arsenal at all for Thomas Lemar, according to Monaco sources contacted by L’Équipe.

However, sources contacted by GFFN believe that internally, Vasilyev has set an extortionate price at which he would accept to sell Lemar at, but that he has refused to tell Arsenal what that price is in an attempt to produce a show of strength and continue the facade that Lemar is not for sale at any price.

It is our understanding that Monaco did not even bother responding to Arsenal’s second bid for Thomas Lemar, made at €45m. It was never formally rejected, but quite simply ignored because Monaco appear to have viewed it as a complete waste of time.

If Arsenal make a third offer that is considerably improved, then perhaps things could change, but the situation looks very bleak for the London club at the time of writing. However, it is clear that that offer would have to be an improvement of north of €10m to have any impact at all.

Multiple agents who have spoken to GFFN this week both on and off the record are unanimous in stating that it is impossible to understand what Monaco’s strategy in terms of selling players will turn out to be during this window, despite the fact that we are already nearly 7 weeks into it.

Vadim Vasilyev keeps his cards close to his chest, which is perhaps the only hope that Arsenal fans can take at the time of writing in their pursuit of Thomas Lemar.


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