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Decision day for Claudio Ranieri

FC Nantes are just a few steps away from finalising the signature of Claudio Ranieri on a two-year contract as their new manager.

The Italian is due to bring four assistants with him, and despite a possible late bid from Crystal Palace, Ranieri has given his agreement in principle to join Les Canaris.

There is just one major stumbling block at the moment: that concerns an LFP rule that states that managers cannot be above the age of 65. UNECATEF is the body that could still block his move, as the syndicate for managers, if they consider it to be against the interest of their representatives body. 

The board of clubs under the LFP will unlikely block the move.

This situation already manifested itself in 2007 when Gervais Martel appointed the then 68-year-old Guy Roux as manager of RC Lens. Initially the LFP invalidated his contract but were forced to go back on their decision on the grounds of age discrimination.

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