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“Farsical” – Djibril Cissé spent a colourful afternoon in front of the judge in the Valbuena sextape scandal

On Monday, the convocation of Djibril Cissé and two supposed offenders in the Mathieu Valbuena sextape blackmail affair at the Court of Versailles was lively.

Charged in the sextape scandal, the trio composed of Djibril Cissé, Axel Angot and Moustapha Zouaoui made for a disconcerting afternoon with investigating judge Etienne Lesaux. These guys have known each other for a decade and since Cissé’s stint in Marseille. They call each other regularly.

In the past, Angot sold watches belonging to Cissé, Zouaoui redecorated the Panathinaîkos’ president’s yacht when the striker was playing in Greece. In May 2015, as explained by Zouaoui in the beginning of this confrontation, Cissé felt depressed, so he decided to show him a racy video of Valbuena, in Angot’s possession. A good “joke”, according to the two charged, who insisted on keeping Cissé out of this.

Angot openhandedly set the tone, “Djibril played no part in the story.” So why did he call Valbuena to inform him of the existing video? The judge wanted to understand Cissé’s intention, to try figure out whether he planned something with Angot and Zouaoui. “NO!” they both screamed.

Cissé found himself getting angry, so the judge teases him. “A joke? I’ve been through this shit for two years, can I throw myself out of the window, your honour?”, exclaimed the former French international, who was not quite on the same wavelength. He explains that Zouaoui asked him to warn Valbuena in regards to the sextape.

Thus becoming a possible accomplice, depending on whether they spoke about money or not on the phone… Zouaoui sensed the danger, stood up, looked at Cissé and says, “As a result of heading the ball all the time, he’s become dumber!” The lawyers burst out laughing, and Zouaoui sent a warning, “Djibril, if you keep this up, I’ll tell them the truth.” Tougher than his predecessor, Nathalie Boutard, Jude Lesaux says smiling, “Mr. Zouaoui, the idea of all this is for you to tell us the truth.”

Spectator of this two and half hour comedy, the judge is not fooled by the evident links between the three, as the protagonists were also involved in a sextape scandal dating back to 2008, recounting the frolics of… Cissé. At the time, informed on by Cissé, Zouaoui had waited for Marseille police at his doorstep. With no further action taken. Has Jude Lesaux found a way to make out Cissé’s character? The curtain call of the investigation is coming up…



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