Frank McCourt: “I am willing to spend €50m to €60m on a player.”

Speaking in an interview with Yahoo Sport, Marseille owner Frank McCourt discussed the project and the transfer windows ahead.

“What we can promise is that we are going to improve the team and put this club in a position to win. If we can be a consistent top performer, than we will win. Whether it is in this year, or that year remains to be seen.”

“We will be very active, we will be there. It has already begun as far as we are concerned because success in these marketplaces I think is a result of good preparation. So we are preparing, we are looking for talent to improve OM… Would you spend €50m or €60m for one player if he was the right guy? If we determine collectively that this is the best use of the funds and that that is going to be the best strategy to get us to achieve our goal, then the answer is yes.”


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