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Gérard Houllier comes to Arsène Wenger’s defence: “The team is playing well.”

Speaking to SFR Sport, former Liverpool and Aston Villa boss Gérard Houllier leapt to Arsène Wenger’s defence concerning his future.

“Even Sir Alex Ferguson was criticised at Manchester United. People were saying that he was too old etc. I think for Arsène it is a little different because as managers were are a consumer product. Meaning, as soon as another one comes along or the journalists are fed up with you… He’s going to be in the semi-final of the FA Cup, he is currently 3rd or 4th in the Premier League and therefore in the four positions for the Champions’ League, which he has done for 20 years. He has won two doubles. Ok, let’s not look at the past, the team is playing well and simply all the successful teams at one point or another raise the level of expectations and therefore criticism is much greater if we don’t reach that level. The level of consistency that Arsène has produced by being in the top four makes us think well yes now he needs to win the title.”


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