Giannelli Imbula left out of Toulouse squad for a lack of effort

Criticised for his behaviour following his substitution against Metz last Saturday, midfielder Giannelli Imbula was left out of the squad for their away match against Dijon on Saturday. This represents a serious warning for the player loaned by Stoke City.

“If Toulouse Football Club respects themselves in the slightest, they cannot turn a blind eye on an individual who has spat in their face. If Dupraz wants to show he is a manager with a strong character, he cannot use Giannelli Imbula anymore. The star signing from the summer transfer window has shown that Toulouse’s fate is the least of his worries. If this is the case, he can go back to warm Stoke City’s bench. Ultimately, he deserves this.”

Similarly, to the letter published on the TFC fan site, Toulouse fans have not come to terms with Giannelli Imbula’s nonchalant exit against Metz in Ligue 1 last Saturday. Even if the player has confirmed that he was simply dissatisfied with his performance, his behaviour has been sanctioned.

When speaking to the media on Friday, the Toulouse coach, Pascal Dupraz, did indeed confirm that Imbula was not part of the group selected for the Ligue 1 match against Dijon on Saturday. A significant decision taken by the manager seeing as the former Marseille midfielder is not injured.

“The decision is mine to make. To each their comments. I have no comments to make,” Dupraz declared.

“He is a player in the squad, who has been a part of the group from the beginning of the season, who has put in effort, and who has to put in more of an effort to reach his best level. I believe that, with the coach and especially with the club, he has strong allies,” Dupraz stated. When asked about Imbula’s attitude right after, Dupraz delivered a loaded response…

Obviously, the 55 year old coach did not appreciate his attitude against Metz. “That is not my way of seeing football. Unfortunately, my job requires that I move on to another matter. What do you want me to say? That is not my way of being, that is all,” he noted.

“I make choices, and I am also concerned with the players who want to play,” he clarified. “You can interpret it your own way and I am do not have to tell you everything, but he most certainly will not be in the group of 18.”

Imbula has to put himself into question, after coming to Toulouse to revive himself after difficulties in the Premier League.



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